Hatta Mountain Tour


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Common Package Inclusions:

Half day tour 

  • Pick-up from your residence Dubai/Sharjah (8:00am to 8:30am).
  • Hatta Wadis.
  • Mountain Safari.
  • Hatta Heritage Village.
  • Hatta Fort Hotel. (optional)
  • Hatta Hill Park.
  • Fresh Water Pools.
  • Hatta water dam.

If you are really into knowing about the old heritage and cultural aspects of UAE, maybe you should plan a Hatta Mountain tour as soon as possible. It is a town located at an hour-long drive from Dubai and spreading over an area of 140 square kilometers. The centuries-old Hatta features a number of significant tourist attractions including Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Dam, Sedr Trailers Resort, and a well-restored heritage village having old stone houses, a defensive tower, and displays of traditional weapons, crockery, and furniture. Even if you are a resident of Dubai City and at times feel tired of the hustle and bustle and busy life of the city, know that the Hatta is the perfect escape from the hectic city life and is really a place to relax in peace and serenity. So, try including the Hatta tour in your travel plan also if you are a visitor and planning a Dubai city tour.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION 4×4 Residence Pick & Drop ( Shared )
RETURN TIME 02:00 PM to 02:30 PM
DURATION 8:00 Hours
Fort Hotel Hatta Hill Park
Heritage Village Hatta Dam

Price per person

AED 120/ per person


More Hatta Mountain Tour -Packages Inclusion

  • Hatta Fort
  • Drive through mountains areas
  • Off-Road Tracking across Hatta mountains

Hatta Mountain Tour Overview

We are professional tour planners, running the renowned tour agency and set different tour packages to take you on a comprehensive tour of the Hatta village. Primarily our tour plan includes a visit to Hatta village and the Hajar Mountains. You will surely be amazed to see these two places of great historical importance. One of our packages includes a trip to Hill Park, Heritage Village, Hatta Dam, and Hatta Fort Hotel. The duration of this trip is 8 hours and the price is as low as AED 120/person. The trip can be customized as per your liking and may include Hatta Fort, Hatta Mountains off-road tracking, and Drive through mountains in addition to or replacing the places mentioned earlier. We promise you high standard service, comfort, satisfaction, and luxury and are devoted to make your trip an unforgettable memory. Let us know more about the great Hatta heritage and tourist attractions in the following.

Hot Tourists Attractions in Hatta

Although Hatta is known for its magnificent and mighty mountains the restoration of the old village has converted it into a heritage asset. It is not wrong to say that Hatta Village is now the most significant and important historical site in the whole UAE. The history of Hatta village dates back to 2000-3000 years ago and you will get to see how life was like in the region thousands of years back. The museum is the best place to visit to recognize the old life by looking at the restored original handicrafts, crockery, weapons, documents, and furniture.

Hatta Dam

Another site to visit in Hatta is actually the Hatta Dam where you can see the village from the water. If you really like water-based trips, you will surely prefer visiting the Hatta Dam which is beautifully surrounded by magnificent mountains. You can either take a pedal boat or a kayak and can go on around all by yourself. Alternatively, you can hire a boat whose driver will help you take the tour telling you about the facts and maybe a lot of stories related to the Dam and the region.

Hatta Hill Park

The next thing you might consider doing during your Hatta Tour is to visit Hatta Hill Park. This beautiful park was built back in 2004 and is a perfect place for family picnics and outside cooking plans. Especially, children really love this place due to large green grounds and multiple sports areas. The mesmerizing sight of the Hajar mountain range that can be viewed from atop as you climb up the highest point in the park really takes your breath away. In short, Hatta Hill Park is the best place for a day-long trip for some quality time and relaxation.

JA Hatta Fort Hotel

During your Hatta Mountain tour, you do not have to worry about meals and staying as Hatta features a number of café’s, restaurants, and some of the best hotels. JA Hatta Fort Hotel is the oldest hotel in Hatta is a perfect place for staying. It has everything for you from temperature-controlled swimming pools to a mini golf court and a zip line. Above the pool, the café Gazebo fascinates you for meals, especially for breakfast and lunch. You will be served famous local as well as international dishes in the café. Similarly, Jeema is another classy restaurant with a tranquil atmosphere and is located in the JA Hatta Fort Hotel. You can especially consider it for a memorable nice dinner. Hence, you will get to know a lot of other attractions during your short tour with us that will make you plan a long trip in the future. At least we are sure that you will certainly do that.


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